Frequently Asked Questions

How and What Do You Charge?

We charge by the square foot. If you know your square footage, we can give an estimate over the phone. If you don't, we can come to your home or office to measure and write up an estimate for you. 

Our minimum charge is $90 + tax. This is equal to roughly 250 sqft. If the space you're wanting to clean is less than the 250 sqft, we strongly encourage you to find something else for our guys to clean. We want you to get your money's worth!

We offer discounts for empty areas tor spaces that do not require the moving of furniture.

A mileage charge of $0.65/mile round trip is applied to jobs over 25 miles from our Sioux City location.

Can You Clean _______?

We can clean quite a few different things. Obviously we mainly clean carpets, but different types of upholstery are also able to be cleaned. Most area rugs can be cleaned too.

Sofas, Love Seats, and Chairs (recliners, office and dining) are usually able to be cleaned. Depending on the mattress, we are able to clean those as well. 

If you aren't sure, give us a call. 

Does ______ Come Out?

We recommend that you call us immediately after a spill or stain of some kind. Certain stains require very specific types of cleaning, and we can help you take steps to ensure that your spot won't get worse until we are able to get there. 

We will be honest with you if something does or does not have a likelihood of coming out of your carpet. We've seen so many different things stain carpet over the years, (coffee, wine, animal stains, blood) that we usually able to determine if something will come out. 

What Do You Use to Clean?

We use a truck mounted, steam cleaning unit. This means we do not use "soap" however, we do use a pre-spray that is highly effective at getting stains out. We use soft water which is heated to just over 200 degrees. Using both rotary extractors and a wand, we're able to get between 90%-95% of the water back out of your carpet.  This helps to minimize your drying time.

I've Never Had My Carpets Cleaned. What Should I Expect?

Professionalism and a job well done. 

We will come to your home or business in a work van with our name clearly printed on it, wearing our shirts with our name on them. We will call you (from our business line) when we are on our way to your home or office. Since our schedule depends on how the job before yours goes (last minute additions or cancellations), we are sometimes running early or late. We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes during the day. 

After the cleaning, we recommend turning on any standing fans and ceiling fans you have in order to speed the drying. If weather permits, open windows are perfect for this. We'll also place blocks or sheets under any furniture that is sitting on wet carpet, to ensure that your furniture isn't damaged during drying time. 

While it's best to stay off of your carpet for a full 24 hours after cleaning, this is not often possible. Please use extreme caution when going from carpet to tile/hardwood/etc floors. Your carpet can be walked on, however your feet or socks will be a bit damp.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Not too much! We ask that you put away any small objects or fragile items off any furniture we will be around. We can move furniture, but we do not wish to take a chance at moving anything that could break easily. 

We ask that you move any pets or small children away from where we are working while we're there. We LOVE to meet all the members of your family, but since we need an open window or door to clean, it's best that they aren't around. 

You do not need to vacuum before we come, but our guys won't complain if you do.  :)